Ultimate Bali Views: Top Helicopter Tours Unveiled

Ever dreamed of soaring above the lush landscapes of Bali, with its iconic rice terraces, majestic volcanoes, and azure seas stretching out beneath you? Bali helicopter tours offer an unparalleled vantage point to witness the Island of the Gods in all its glory.

I’ve experienced the thrill firsthand and I’m here to share why a helicopter tour should be at the top of your Bali bucket list. You’ll get the lowdown on routes, sights, and tips for making the most of your aerial adventure.

Fasten your seatbelt, because we’re about to take off on a journey that will elevate your Bali experience—literally! Keep reading to discover how you can witness the island’s breathtaking beauty from a perspective few ever do.

Helicopter tours in BaliWhy Take a Bali Helicopter Tour

When I set out to explore Bali, I knew I wanted a unique experience that’d stay with me forever. I found exactly that with a Bali helicopter tour. It offers a luxury aerial tour unlike any other, providing breathtaking views and a thrilling adventure rolled into one. Imagine gliding over Bali’s lush landscapes, iconic temples, and pristine beaches. It’s an unmatched perspective on the island’s natural beauty.

The benefits of taking to the skies are multi-fold. For one, accessibility to some of Bali’s most remote locations increases tenfold. There are hidden gems that are difficult, if not impossible, to reach by land. With a helicopter tour, I got to see the majestic Mount Agung and hovered over the secluded beaches of Nusa Penida, all without the constraints of traffic or rough terrain.

Moreover, the aspect of time efficiency can’t be overstated. Bali’s traffic is notorious for being congested. By choosing a helicopter tour, I maximized my sightseeing potential. Each minute in the air was an opportunity to absorb Bali’s finest views without the hassle of navigating through crowds and traffic jams.

Luxury aerial tours in Bali also offer a level of exclusivity and privacy that traditional tours can’t match. There’s something truly special about sharing this serene experience with a select few or even in the intimacy of a solo excursion. Not to mention, the photo opportunities from a helicopter are unparalleled, allowing for stunning shots that would be the envy of any photographer or social media enthusiast.

To wrap it up, a helicopter tour gave me a fresh appreciation for Bali’s diverse topography. From the air, the rich tapestry of rice terraces, forested mountains, and sparkling coastlines converge in a visual symphony. For those wanting to step up their travel game and see Bali in all its glory, a helicopter tour is the way to go. It’s not just a trip; it’s a panoramic spectacle that paints Bali in a whole new light.

Benefits of a Helicopter Tour

When I first considered the luxury aerial tours Bali offers, I realized the distinct advantages they provide. A helicopter tour isn’t just about extravagant travel; it’s about a unique perspective that can’t be replicated on the ground. From the moment the blades begin to whirl, the excitement flutters in your stomach, and as you lift off, you know you’re in for an experience that’s both thrilling and serene.

One of the key benefits I’ve found is unmatched panoramic views. As your helicopter soars above Bali, every glance offers a postcard-worthy scene. The sprawling rice terraces become a sea of emerald hues, and the temples that dot the landscape transform into miniature models of intricate design. Witnessing the majestic volcanoes from above is an incredible sight that imprints lifelong memories.

Access to remote locations is another luxury that Bali helicopter tours provide. Places that would take hours to reach by road are just minutes away in the air. This efficiency means you spend less time in transit and more time soaking up Bali’s beauty. For those on a tight schedule or wishing to avoid the cumbersome road travel, it’s an invaluable benefit.

Additionally, taking a helicopter tour in Bali offers a level of exclusivity and privacy that’s hard to find. Whether it’s a special occasion or simply a desire for a solitary escape, the comfort of a private cabin in the sky is incomparable. The moment I stepped into the helicopter, I felt a sense of seclusion and luxury that elevated the entire experience.

With Bali helicopter tours, the photo opportunities are exceptional. Those moments when the helicopter hovers by a waterfall or circles the peak of a volcano are when you have the chance to capture shots that are as rare as they are beautiful. It’s the perfect opportunity to boost any photography portfolio or Instagram feed.

While the idea of a helicopter tour may seem intimidating to some, Bali’s seasoned pilots and well-maintained aircraft ensure a smooth and safe journey. Trust me, the tranquility of flying coupled with the stunning vistas is an unmatched combination.

In sum, Bali’s helicopter tours offer convenience, exclusivity, and mesmerizing views that contribute to an unforgettable experience. For anyone wishing to see Bali from a different angle, these tours are a gateway to witnessing the island’s splendor from high above.

Popular Routes for Bali Helicopter Tours

When I think of Bali helicopter tours, the island’s diverse landscapes come to mind, offering a range of spectacular routes. Each journey by air provides guests with a unique perspective of Bali’s natural beauty.

Skyline of the Gods is a route that’s highly sought after. It allows passengers to witness the majestic Mount Agung, Bali’s highest and holiest peak, alongside the enchanting Besakih Temple that clings to its slopes. This dynamic aerial route not only showcases the mountain’s might but also encapsulates the spiritual essence of the island.

Another must-fly route is the Coast to Crater tour. This journey begins with the azure waters along the coast and gradually transitions to the verdant rice terraces before culminating with a grand view of the Kintamani volcano. Observing the stark contrast between Bali’s coastal charm and its lush interiors truly exemplifies the luxury of aerial tours in Bali.

For those looking to capture the island’s diverse topography, the Nusa Penida Voyage offers an unparalleled vantage point. As the helicopter hovers over the Nusa Penida Island, passengers can gawk at the dramatic cliffs and clear blue waters, home to manta rays and sun-kissed beaches.

Here’s a snapshot of some popular Bali helicopter tour routes:

  • Skyline of the Gods: Mount Agung and Besakih Temple
  • Coast to Crater: Beaches, rice terraces, and Kintamani volcano
  • Nusa Penida Voyage: Cliffs, beaches, and marine life of Nusa Penida

And let’s not forget the Southern Peninsula Excursion, which showcases the opulent seaside resorts, the famed Uluwatu Temple, and the hidden beaches only visible from the sky. This route is a showcase of Bali’s dramatic coastal landscape merged beautifully with manmade luxury.

These routes resonate with the very essence of Bali helicopter tours, combining the island’s natural wonders with the extravagance of luxury aerial tours. Flying over Bali ensures every moment in the air is packed with breathtaking scenes that last a lifetime. Whether it’s for the lush scenery, cultural landmarks, or just the thrill of flying, these helicopter tours promise an adventure that’s both exhilarating and serene.

Must-See Sights from Above in Bali

When you embark on Bali helicopter tours, you’re signing up for an unrivaled adventure that shows you the essence of the island from a perspective few get to appreciate. The luxury of these aerial tours in Bali provides an unobstructed view of stunning landscapes and landmark attractions.

Flying over the island, one of the ultimate highlights is Tanah Lot Temple. This iconic sea temple situated on a rocky outcrop in the ocean is an extraordinary sight from above as waves crash around it. It presents a striking image against the glistening water, especially during sunset, creating a palette of textures and colors.

Next on the list is the majestic Batur Volcano and its surrounding caldera lake. Viewing a volcano from the sky is a powerful experience. The sheer scale and beauty of this natural wonder is amplified from the cabin of a helicopter, where I can see the lush vegetation framing the crater and the steam from geothermal vents whispering secrets of the earth’s power.

Tegallalang Rice Terraces is a sight to behold with its intricate patterns of greenery that resemble a living mosaic. The terraces are a testament to Bali’s age-old irrigation system known as subak. From my privileged vantage point above, the terraces are a vivid reminder of Bali’s rich agricultural traditions, appearing even more lush and extensive.

A trip over the Bali Marine and Safari Park showcases the island’s commitment to conserving wildlife. It’s fascinating to watch majestic animals like elephants and tigers from the sky, roaming within habitats that mimic their natural environments. This offers a peaceful glimpse into the lives of these creatures without disturbing them.

Last but not least are Bali’s famous beaches and coral reefs. The helicopter provides unmatched views of the sparkling blue waters, surfers braving the waves, and the vibrant coral reefs teeming with marine life. From above, I can truly grasp the sheer expansiveness of Bali’s diverse aquatic landscapes, making it an integral part of any luxury aerial tour in Bali.

Tips for a Memorable Helicopter Tour in Bali

Planning a helicopter tour in Bali? Here’s how to ensure it’s an experience you’ll never forget.

Choose the Right Tour Provider

Safety and comfort are paramount when selecting a Bali helicopter tour provider. I always look for companies with stellar reputations, certified pilots, and modern, well-maintained aircraft. Reading reviews and checking certifications can give you peace of mind as you take to the skies.

Time Your Tour for Optimal Views

The time of day can dramatically affect the visuals of your tour. For the most vivid colors, consider a flight during the golden hour, just after sunrise or before sunset. The lighting is magical and Bali’s landscapes truly come to life.

Know What to Wear

Comfort’s key when you’re up in the air. Lightweight, comfortable clothing and sunglasses are a must to shield your eyes from the glare. Don’t forget your camera, but strap it securely to avoid dropping it during the flight!

Listen to the Safety Briefing

Even if you’re accustomed to flying, don’t tune out the safety briefing. It’s crucial to know the safety protocols specifically for a helicopter, which can differ from other types of aircraft.

Ask About Customization

Luxury aerial tours in Bali may offer customizable routes or add-ons. If there’s a particular sight you’re dying to see from above, don’t hesitate to ask if it can be included in your flight plan.

Capture the Moment

Photographs can’t do justice to the breathtaking views but they’re essential to helping you remember the tour. Use a polarizing filter to reduce reflection from the windows if you’re using a DSLR. For smartphone photography, make sure your lens is clean and your battery is fully charged.

Taking these tips into account when planning your Bali helicopter tour can make the difference between a good experience and an extraordinary one. Remember, it’s not just about snapping photos; it’s about the exhilaration of seeing Bali’s majestic landscapes from a perspective few get to enjoy.


Experiencing Bali from above is truly a once-in-a-lifetime adventure that’s as breathtaking as it is unforgettable. With the right tour provider and a keen eye for timing you’ll be set for an aerial journey that’s nothing short of magical. Whether you’re soaring over ancient temples, vibrant marine life, or the serene beauty of rice terraces every moment is a chance to capture a unique memory. So grab your camera and let your heart soar as high as the Balinese skies. There’s no better way to witness the island’s diverse beauty than on a helicopter tour that promises to be the highlight of your trip.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the popular helicopter tour routes in Bali?

Helicopter tours in Bali offer various routes, including the “Skyline of the Gods” with views of Mount Agung and the Besakih Temple, the “Coast to Crater” tour showcasing the coastline and Kintamani volcano, the “Nusa Penida Voyage” highlighting marine life and beaches, and the “Southern Peninsula Excursion” providing sights of resorts, Uluwatu Temple, and secret beaches.

How can I choose the right tour provider for a helicopter tour in Bali?

Select a tour provider with a strong safety record, positive customer reviews, proper licensing, and experienced pilots. Additionally, consider the variety of tours they offer and their flexibility to customize your experience.

When is the best time to go on a helicopter tour in Bali for optimal views?

For optimal views, book your helicopter tour during the morning hours when the weather is clearer and the skies are less cloudy. Visibility is generally better at this time, providing a more picturesque experience.

What should I wear on a helicopter tour in Bali?

Wear comfortable clothing and shoes. Avoid loose clothing that could be hazardous near helicopter rotors. Sunglasses are recommended to reduce glare, and you might want a light jacket if the altitude makes the temperature cooler.

Why is it important to listen to the safety briefing on a helicopter tour?

The safety briefing is essential as it provides critical information about the aircraft’s safety features, emergency procedures, and what to do in unlikely events of an emergency. It ensures that all passengers are aware of their responsibilities and how to keep safe throughout the flight.

Can I customize my helicopter tour in Bali?

Many tour providers offer customizable helicopter experiences. Inquire with your chosen provider about tailoring the route or arranging for special occasions such as marriage proposals or anniversaries to enhance your experience.

Are photographs allowed during a helicopter tour in Bali?

Yes, taking photographs is typically encouraged during helicopter tours as it helps capture the breathtaking views and special moments of your experience. Remember to check with your tour provider about any restrictions and to bring appropriate equipment for aerial photography.