Bali Weather in September: Warm Days & Low Rainfall

Planning a trip to Bali in September? You’re in luck! I’ve got the inside scoop on what to expect from the weather during this idyllic month. With its tropical climate, Bali offers a unique weather pattern that’s important to understand before booking your getaway.

September stands out as a particularly inviting time to visit the Island of the Gods. I’ll walk you through the average temperatures, rainfall, and even some tips on how to make the most of Bali’s climate. Whether you’re a sun-seeker or a culture enthusiast, knowing the September weather will help you pack and plan your activities.

Stay tuned as I dive into the details of Bali’s September weather, ensuring you’re well-prepared for an unforgettable experience. From beach days to temple tours, I’ll help you align your itinerary with the skies above this tropical paradise.

Bali September weather under banyan treeAverage Temperatures in September

When planning a trip to Bali, understanding the average temperatures you can expect is crucial. September in Bali is characterized by warm and pleasant weather, offering an inviting climate for holidaymakers. The temperatures typically range from about 23°C (73°F) to 31°C (88°F) during the day. Evenings tend to be slightly cooler but remain comfortable. You won’t need much more than a light sweater if you’re out after the sun goes down.

This month is particularly ideal for beachgoers. The sea temperatures hover around 27°C (81°F), which is perfect for swimming, snorkeling, or diving. Bali’s tropical setup ensures the water remains welcoming throughout the year, and September is no exception.

Temperature Average Range Notes
Daytime 23°C to 31°C Ideal for outdoor activities
Nighttime Slightly cooler Light sweater might be needed
Sea Around 27°C Suitable for water-based activities

Humidity in September is relatively low compared to other months, which makes it less sweltering and more enjoyable for tourists. My experience with Bali’s September weather has always been that the moderate humidity levels enhance comfort, whether I’m exploring the lush landscapes or lounging on one of the island’s picturesque beaches.

Keep in mind that while the weather is generally consistent, there is always a possibility of unexpected changes. It’s wise to check short-term forecasts closer to your visit to tweak your plans perfectly. With the right expectations and a little planning, you’ll find that September’s weather conditions can offer a truly spectacular Balinese holiday experience. Whether you’re hiking up misty mountain trails or dining al fresco under the stars, the ambient weather this time of year adds to the island’s charm.

Rainfall in September

Bali’s rainfall patterns shift as we move into September, coming off the wetter months. I’ve found that travelers relish this time of year as it provides an excellent balance of sunshine and occasional showers. During September, the rainfall is considerably less than what’s experienced in the high monsoon season. I’ll break down what you should expect when it comes to Bali’s rainfall during this period.

Typically, September marks the tail end of the dry season, and rainfall averages stand at around 50mm. This is relatively low, especially when compared to the wet season’s peak where rainfall can reach upwards of 300mm. Bali in September is gifted with approximately 15 days of clear skies, with sporadic rain mostly occurring in the late evenings and nighttime. This pattern ensures that your daytime activities will likely remain uninterrupted by downpours.

On the occasional days when it does rain, the showers tend to be short and refreshing — a brisk departure from the drenching rains of the wet season. Travelers can usually skirt any inconvenience with a quick retreat to a cozy café or a covered market.

To be better prepared for the sporadic showers, here are some quick tips:

  • Carry a lightweight, waterproof jacket or poncho.
  • Plan outdoor activities for the morning and early afternoon.
  • Always have a backup plan for indoor activities.

Bali’s humidity in September is lower, which means that even when it rains, the air remains comfortable, and the precipitation brings a pleasant coolness rather than a sticky discomfort. It’s a tropical climate’s way of balancing warmth and moisture, providing a climate that’s conducive for various kinds of experiences, be it adventuring through the landscapes or lounging at beachside resorts.

For accurate, real-time weather updates, I always recommend consulting local weather services or reliable online platforms. This will keep you on top of the latest weather trends and ensure that you’re not caught off-guard by any unexpected shifts in weather patterns. Keep in mind that Bali’s microclimates can mean that different parts of the island might experience varying weather conditions on the same day. The flexibility in your travel itinerary can be a major plus during this time.

Best Activities for September Weather

As September rolls in with its golden sunshine and milder climate, Bali transforms into a playground for both adventurers and those seeking serenity. Given the perfect beach temperatures, lounging on the sands of Seminyak or surfing the waves in Uluwatu becomes a daily delight. Beach clubs buzz with life as the weather creates an inviting atmosphere for sundowners and relaxed gatherings.

Snorkeling and diving are also unmissable during this month. The clear waters and vibrant marine life around areas like Menjangan Island offer a spectacle I always find enthralling. With the water at a warm 27°C, these underwater adventures can last for hours without the chill I’d expect in cooler months.

For those keen on cultural experiences, the pleasant September air makes visiting cultural landmarks a joy. I’m particularly fond of wandering through the ancient Ubud Royal Palace or taking in the tranquil surroundings of the Tirta Empul Temple. The less humid air means I can explore for longer without seeking shade as regularly as I would in the peak of summer.

The evenings are my favorite for exploring Bali’s vibrant culinary scene. Outdoor dining is a treat, with the reduced rainfall ensuring that al fresco meals aren’t interrupted. There’s something magical about enjoying a Balinese feast under the stars, wrapped in the gentle September breeze.

Thrill-seekers aren’t left out this month, either. With drier days dominating the calendar, mountain biking through the island’s lush interiors or joining a quad biking tour offers exhilaration without the slippery challenge of the wet season.

For those who find peace in nature, September’s weather is conducive to long treks through the verdant rice terraces or dawn ascents of Mount Batur to catch the sunrise. Hiking is less taxing when the humidity dips, and the vistas are clearer on the horizon.

  • Beach relaxation and surfing
  • Snorkeling and diving
  • Cultural exploration
  • Outdoor dining
  • Adventure sports

Packing Tips for September

When I’m gearing up for a September trip to Bali, I’ve learned that smart packing is key. With temperatures on the subtler side of tropical—think warm days and cooler evenings—I always recommend a mix of light clothing and a few layers for those breezier nights.

Here’s what I don’t leave home without:

  • Lightweight cotton shirts and shorts for those balmy daytime temperatures
  • A long-sleeved layer or two for when the sun dips and the air cools
  • Comfortable walking shoes for exploring and flip flops for the beach
  • Swimwear is a must, as September is practically synonymous with ocean dips
  • A wide-brimmed hat and UV-protective sunglasses to shield against the potent midday sun
  • Sunscreen with a high SPF is non-negotiable given Bali’s proximity to the equator
  • An umbrella or raincoat—I prefer something compact and light, just in case those quick showers catch you off guard

The reduced humidity this month makes it an excellent time to enjoy outdoor activities, so for adventurers, I’d also include:

  • Quick-dry clothing—particularly if you’re into snorkeling or diving, as they come in handy post-water activities
  • A reusable water bottle to stay hydrated while out and about—hydration is still key, even with the lower humidity
  • Bug spray—especially for those evenings dining al fresco or wandering through the emerald landscapes

Remember, Bali has a casual tropical vibe, so you can leave your heavy formal wear behind in favor of breathable fabrics and comfortable attire. I always bring along a portable charger too. With all the incredible sights and experiences, my phone’s camera gets a real workout, and the last thing you want is to miss capturing those memorable moments because your battery ran flat.


So if you’re planning a trip to Bali in September, you’re in for a treat with its warm seas and comfortable climate. The occasional showers won’t dampen your spirits since they’re usually brief and bring a refreshing break from the heat. I’ve found that being prepared with a light jacket and scheduling your outdoor adventures for earlier in the day can make all the difference. Don’t forget to stay updated with the latest weather reports to make the most of your Bali experience. Trust me, with a little planning, September could be the perfect month for your Balinese getaway.